Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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How long is each course?
Our course is set to last 8 weeks and each learner musts meet a number of milestones. Learners who are not at a certain point by week 4 may be removed from the course, however we understand learning is different for everyone. We accommodate all learners to work at the pace they are comfortable with.

How much will each course cost me?
Nothing at all! Courses are free to all learners providing you’re eligible.

Can I keep the tablet when I complete the course?
Yes, it’s yours to keep as long as you complete the course. You will be required to return the tablet if you choose to leave the course without completing.

Will I receive support when I’m on the course?
Yes. Our team of Skills Practitioners are here to help. There’s live chat available, free phone numbers and weekly virtual classroom sessions.

Can I access both Maths and English or just one?
You’re welcome to work through both subjects but we would recommend that you study one at a time.

How do I complete the final exam?
We will organise exam dates when our tutors feel you’re ready. The exam day would last a full day with revision before the examination.

Are there any qualifications available where I don’t need to take a test?
Yes. We offer Maths and English courses which are marked on completion of a portfolio.